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3D designs open up a new world

Being able to see your landscape in a photorealistic rendering is one thing, but strolling around it, or flying through or over it, with your actual house there…   It can be pretty cool.

Rain Garden BridgeIt can also be a little scary at first!  You have to remember that, as real as it may look, it’s ok to change stuff!  In fact, now is exactly the right time to make changes and that is the reason for the realism:  to get you thinking it is already done and now you get to actually make the changes you would otherwise have regretted not thinking of, had you just had 2-dimensional line drawings.

In cooperation, presentation is everything

Front and Center ParkWhether you have to get an entire commitee to agree, or just have to agree with your spouse, it helps to all have a clear picture of what the end product will be.

Again, you do not want to find out later that you each had a different vision of what that is.  When you can fly through even preliminary stages, and come to the best possible solutions that everyone loves and can see in ‘virtual reality’, then turning that 3D design into a reality is not such a challenge.

Here is a “preliminary” fly through of a riverside park in the city, that through a series of rain gardens and swales, will slow runoff down to the point of traveling 10 times as far than it previously did to get to the river.  (200 feet vs. 20!)  Working with a limited budget, restricted space, repurposed old concrete factory signs as benches and a challenging slope, you see how important sharing a specific vision can be!

WLCA Garden Expo Nature PlayThe hard part is over, and as long as realistic budgets were discussed and accounted for along the way, now it’s just a matter of time and working with the right contractor to create it.  That’s the fun part…

Few things are more fun than wood, rocks and sand, in infinite shapes and sizes..
Few things are more fun than wood, rocks and sand, in infinite shapes and sizes..



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  1. Derek A Avatar

    This is wonderful. I like how the 3d design video was made. I wonder how the actual place looks like. The kids looks like having fun.