Family, friends, fun and fresh air…
Whether you have to entertain for 50 or just don’t want to heat up the house on those 95º summer days, outdoor kitchens are popular additions to today’s backyard.
Patio bar & grill
More than just a pad for that old charcoal grill (although nothing beats them for taste!), your outdoor kitchen generally will contain at least 2 or 3 of the following:
#1  – A grill.  Built-in, freestanding, gas or good ole charcoal, this is a must for cooking outdoors.
#2  – Seating.  From plastic patio sets to built-in bars and seat walls, if you’re going to eat, you’ll want a seat.
#3  – Storage.  Shelves, cabinets, even a storage bench can aid in your quest for relaxation.  The less you have to cart back and forth from the house, the better.
2011-06-03_11-39-47_309#4  – Outdoor fridge.  These are specifically made to weather the elements, great for drinks and staging some food for the party.
  #5  – Water supply.   Usually in the form of a stainless sink, it can be as simple as a hose and a bucket.  Not to say it should be…
  #6  – Trash receptacle.  Let’s face it.  We have not quite achieved the ‘no waste’ society yet.  Until then, it’s a good idea to designate a spot to hide a small garbage can.
  #7  – Ice maker.  Hey, if you’ve come this far, you might as well make some ice out here, too.  Come on, there’s plenty of space under that massive counter.
#8  – Rainwater Storage?  Yep, all the way at the bottom you’ll see some yayhoo’s wild idea of turning all of that wasted space under the counters into one big brilliant conservation effort…

That said, let’s continue with a few examples…Pool waterslide pergola

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you’re looking for the 1,000 gallon rain barrel in the form of an outdoor kitchen?   ahhh, here you go