• When You Know the Design is Ready

    When You Know the Design is Ready

    We like to create fly through videos of design concepts to share with our clients. While sketches are good for brainstorming, and 3D CAD images make it easy to modify and move elements around, it’s hard to beat a good fly through video at conveying the feel of a space; to really be able to…

  • The Fly Through

    The Fly Through

    (there is music in the above video so turn down your sound if you need to be quiet!) 3D designs open up a new world Being able to see your landscape in a photorealistic rendering is one thing, but strolling around it, or flying through or over it, with your actual house there…   It…

  • Eco-Patio | Recycled Plastic Chairs
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    Eco-Patio | Recycled Plastic Chairs

    …because putting 670 milk jugs on your patio wouldn’t be nearly as comfortable. Made from locally recycled plastic from recycling plants in southern Wisconsin, designed and built in Middleton, WI, these chairs offer a ridiculously comfortable and decent looking end use for all of that plastic you’ve been faithfully putting in your recycling. Born in…