Project name:

Ice Age Stream

Project description:

Ice Age Stream

Set in a backyard right along the Ice Age Trail, this stream fits right in, and is actually only one of two (split) streams and waterfalls facing the deck and house.


richleystreamrightLarge boulders are usually placed with straps and a large machine, although I have seen some of the guys I work with heft some pretty massive rocks around – always carefully.  Lift with your legs, Dewey!

The real key with naturalizing is to use a variety of sizes and shapes of rock, right down to the river rock that goes in at the end.  We use 3 or 4 different sizes of river rock mixed together to get the natural look, as well as adding old stumps and driftwood to complete the effect.



IceAgePondduring7(it’s always a good idea to go on a mini-vacation during this part – it can be alarming!)


Ice Age Bridge