Our services


Need ideas?  We’re full of them, and we’re not afraid to share.  Give us a call or fill out the contact form to meet, go over your needs and come up with some ridiculously cool solutions. We don’t offer free consultations, so we don’t add them onto our overhead cost.

Planting Design

Want outdoor living spaces that offer color and interest all year?  Plants that thrive in your landscape without constant work?  From sun and soil to combinations and contrast, we’ve done the research for you on what will grow best and where.

Hardscape Design

Looking to add that patio, waterfall, or full-blown outdoor kitchen this year?  Creating comfortable outdoor living spaces that blend the natural world with the man-made:  It’s what we’ve done for 15 years+, it’s what we would love to do for you.

3D Design

Putting our ideas and yours into a virtual 3D landscape that you can fly (or walk) through, create and edit with us in realtime via screen sharing, and get everything perfect before a shovel ever hits the ground.  It’s amazing how much $$ this can save you in the end…


Part of loving the landscape is taking good care of it.  We design to have the smallest footprint on nature, from creative rainwater harvesting (our other company is Second Rain) to reclaiming construction waste and using natural materials.

specialty projects

No one can specialize in everything.  We design based on what is best for your life, space, budget and can oversee installation by contractors who are best at what your design involves.  This ensures a cohesive design installed to the highest standards.